The office believes in the ethos of, and benefit from, working in a team environment, where the experiences of all team members can enrich a design response and help to ensure the delivery of best practise.

Deirdre McDermott, director.
Deirdre is a qualified architect, planner and urban designer with extensive experience in area-based regeneration strategies in Ireland and overseas, including the UK. She is RIAI accredited to work on protected structures. She has served 6 years as a member of the Historic Building Council of Northern Ireland. She is currently an executive committee member of ICOMOS Ireland and a founding member of the incipient Irish Blue Shield Committee'

Former Team Members include
April McCabe
, urban planner
Qualified from University of New England, Australia

Thorsten Kuhlwein, urban planner / designer.
Qualified from University Kassel, Germany.

Eleanor McGrath, architect.
Qualified from University of Dundee, Scotland.

Zwezdelin Atanasow, architect and urban designer.
Qualified from Krakow University of Technology, Poland.

Wieslaw Suropek, architect
Wroclaw, Poland

Louise Undal Vru, architect and landscaper
Aarhus, Denmark

Neil O'Flanagan, planner and archaeologist
UCD and Sydney

Frauke Giersche, architect

Benoit Piazze, architect
Lisbon, Portugal